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The mural appeared on Great Eastern Street in Shoreditch on Tuesday

A mural showing the prime minister telling people to “stop panic buying” during the coronavirus pandemic has appeared in east London.

The World War Two recruitment-style poster by street artist Pegasus appeared in Shoreditch on Tuesday.

It features a finger-pointing Boris Johnson and the words “I want you to stop panic buying”.

Pegasus said he was inspired by his own concerns about stockpiling and food shortages amid the virus outbreak.

“I’ve been following the government’s reactions and plans over the last week very closely and with each passing day, the image has formed through various quotes and the concerns from myself and the public,” he said.

Mr Johnson urged shoppers to be sensible when buying food on Monday after shelves across the UK were left empty.

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There have been more than 600 confirmed cases of coronavirus in London

Pegasus said the mural, which took him two hours to paint, depicts “mixed messages from the government during this worrying time of uncertainty”.

“Acts of selfishness need to stop now. We must not give in to fear and keep a sense of national unity,” he added.

Addressing the country on Tuesday, the prime minister said the government was “absolutely confident” supermarkets would remain stocked.

“We’re absolutely confident that our supply chains are working and will work, and that we will get farm to fork food supplies for this country,” the PM said.

“Therefore, people should have no need to stockpile or to panic buy.”

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